Denise B. Dailey

speaking engagements

On Pakistan:

The William B. Ogden Public Library, Walton, NY, 2007
The Cosmopolitan Club in New York City, 2008
The Oneonta Rotary Club, 2008
The Center for Continuing Adult Learning (CCAL) at the State University in Oneonta (SUCO)
International Pre-School Advisory Board Benefit 2010
New York Society Library 2012
The Andes Round Table 2012
Bright Hill Press Day, 2012, in Treadwell, NY with humorist and syndicated columnist, Jim Mullen; poet and short-story writer, T.M.Bradshaw; true crime reporter and novelist, David J. Krajicek; journalist and writer, Chuck d'Imperio.

Other Readings at the Bright Hill Press's Word Thursday events in 2012 include excerpts from Denise's memoir,“The Art of Losing” based on the first line of Elizabeth Bishop’s poem, “One Art”. In that poem, Ms. Bishop catalogues the loss of homes, rivers, continents, family similar to what Denise encountered in her life, but Denise adds discoveries that put those losses into perspective. The chapter, Riko: Seductions of an Artist”, due out late September, 2017, from her biography of the marriage of artist Jan Emmerich Mikeska and his wife, Greta. In 2012, Bright Hill Press, celebrated its 20th anniversary under the founder and creative direction of Bertha Rogers.
The National Arts Club in New York City on January 7, 2014, reading from Listening to Pakistan: A Woman's Voice in a Veiled Land

Radio Interviews:

Listening to Pakistan with Alan Donovan on WUOR on "Kitchen Talk"
Listening to Pakistan on WSKG''s "Off the Page" with host Bill Jaker.


CCAL lectures:

So it Took Thirty Years to Write a Book?
Gujarat and Rajasthan: Favors of Chance
Writers in the Mountains (WIM)
Travel Writers and Writing
2014, Summer
Travel Writers and Writing: three half-day courses with readings from published travel writers followed by submission of essays written both during and before classes.
Pakistan: the Continuing Enigma
Let's Go! -- a course on the surprising aspects of re-visiting Europe in current turmoil over its economy. How were these evident, if at all, in Holland, Belgium, France and Spain? Historically, what were the influences of Dutch and English philosophies in the 15th century as they impacted on the founding of Manhattan? Russell Shorto's The Island at the Center of the World will be required reading for this course. As ever, Denise anticipates and welcomes straying into related cultural topics from music to art to architecture.
Denise brings in music, inter-active readings, artifacts and the foods of the countries she is talking about. She is a firm believer in Schiller’s saying, “Man is never so serious as when he plays.
The Many Faces of Israel — a visit to Israel under the auspices of Shurat HaDin, the Israeli Law Center
Sicilian Sandwich — meeting the layers of history, food, art, geography on one island
Same, Same, but Different— about a tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos with Denise’s husband, Tom, forty years after his tour of duty as a field surgeon in Vietnam in 1967-68.
You’re Going to Pakistan?!

Talks Abroad

2013 Bordeaux, France
Participating speaker in a ceremony commemorating the last round-up of Jews from Bordeaux where her grandfather,  Joseph Benzacar, professor of Economics in the Law Faculty at the University of Bordeaux for thirty-three years, and adjunct mayor for fifteen, figured prominently for having evaded that massacre in January of 1944, but succumbing eventually to the dictates of the Vichy Régime in May of that same year. The substance of this history makes up the Epilogue of Denise Dailey’s memoir, Leaving Guanabara.

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