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Other publications:

-The Tale of Mr. Gang. New York City, The sInk, 1990alt

-Travel articles on Alaska, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, Crossing the Andes by Boat. Parade Magazine

-The Airs of Solomon a fable based in Morocco which Carl Titolo used to inspire a book cover competition in his master classes at the School for Visual Arts.  It also inspired, a Moroccan artist in Israel to create some paintings.


After reading The Airs of Solomon the other day I realized that I don't say things arbitrarily! That is, I still believe what I said many years ago. Even though written by a Westerner, this short story has an authentic quality of the East. The subject matter, the style, the references, the atmosphere, the color and even the smell! You certainly have a gift for storytelling, but when you combine that with your love for Eastern culture, your story feels as part of the culture rather than an observation from outside.

I certainly hope, as it seems you are doing, that you would continue to write about the East. It is good to know that the someone from the West can portray the simple and common beauty in the lives of people from the East, especially in today's climate when they are portrayed as ugly.

—Zahra Partovi